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Boise State Pro Day results

Drew Roberts

I just returned from Boise State’s Pro Day festivities where I was able to watch most of the goings on, and it was an interesting meat market experience. Scouts from probably at least 20 NFL teams were on hand as well as agents and other reps and of course, teammates and family members lined the weight room and indoor facility as well, so carving out a viewing area wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, but we did our best (I say “we” because our own Michael Johnson was able to pop his head in between classes). I assume most scouts were there to watch Alexander Mattison and Brett Rypien, but most of their fellow seniors were on-hand to raise some eyebrows. If one off-the-radar guy improved his stock, I’d have to say it was Durrant Miles, who was the tallest player and heaviest player at testing, but also one that showed the most athletic ability. And how about Quinn Skillin jumping out of the gym? Go figure.

Maybe most importantly...Alexander Mattison was able to shave about a tenth of a second (unofficially) off his Combine 40 time of 4.67.

A few photos taken by yours truly are below.