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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Bronco FB announce QB; Track & field ranking; Today is Pro Day

East-West Shrine Game Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

I turned to my son and said, “Name two pronouns!”

He packed and yelled back, “Who, me?!”

The Broncos announced who the QB will be next fall!

Well. I mean. Mr. David Moa is familiar with QBs in a sense, amiright? Someone is going to get to be the quarterback and Moa gets to the quarterback. So it works.

Boise State football pro day today

It’s a solid list of former Broncos that will be participating. If you have the chance, you can watch the streaming video. Should be a fun one.

Bronco WT&F are ranked no. 21

One can only assume based on the diminutive shoulders of one Allie Ostrander and her attempt to run every event.


You like doing those tiny differences-type games? Well have I got a website for you! You can do those games to your hearts content!