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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Softball in the top-25; MWC new bowl game; Iivability

NCAA Football: Potato Bowl-Brigham Young vs Western Michigan Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

What do you say when you tickle a millionaire?

Gucci Gucci Gucci.

Bronco softball cracks the top-25


The Broncos have been on a roll the past couple of weeks. The last three tournaments the Broncos went 4-0. That’s pretty good.

MWC losing the Vegas Bowl

Which sucks. But you have to hand it to the Pac-12. The middle-of-the-road squad would rather lose to a lower-tier SEC team than the MWC champion. Whaddyagonnado? Yeah, the MWC gets the new LA Bowl now, against a Pac-12 team, but now an even lower rung team. So. Cool. I guess.

Boise at the top of this city list

So that’s cool. Always better to make these than not, yeah?


All Glory to the Hypnotoad.