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This kid meeting Alexander Mattison is everything

NCAA Football: Utah State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Like they’ve done for years, the Broncos hosted a couple of special kids to campus on Wednesday to become “Broncos for a Day”. Boise State has worked with St. Luke’s Childrens Hospital pretty much every year to bring kids in that need a bit of sunshine in their day as they go through medical struggles. The kids get to hang with the team, hold a “signing ceremony” and generally get treated like rock stars. This year’s guests were 10 year-old Quentin Robert and 13 year-old Will Gomersall, and their welcome was no different. Robert, who wore the jersey of his favorite player—Alexander Mattison—all day, got a little extra surprise when he entered the Bronco locker room. His reaction is beyond priceless. Just watch.

I honestly don’t know what is better—his amazed “What the?!” reaction upon entering, his “MATTISON!” shriek before he streaks across the locker room and jumps into Alex’s arms or his impromptu hurdling exhibition before exclaiming a very Fonz-like “Ayyyyyy”. Whatever moment was your personal fave, the whole scene (posted by Alex’s father, no less) will no doubt bring a smile to your face. Keep up the fight, kids. Bronco Nation’s got your back.