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NCAA Women’s Tournament: Boise State vs Oregon State GameThread

3:30(ish) on ESPN2

The men are done, but the women fight on. No, this isn’t the tagline for my post-apocalyptic’s the reality in Boise, Idaho. The men’s b-ball team had a historically bad season, seem to be clinging tenaciously to their head coach and at least one player has already transferred. Meanwhile, the women’s team won 28 games, won the regular season AND MWC tournament championship and shortly, will play in their 3rd straight women’s NCAA championship. Alas, the more things change the more they stay the same and despite that amazing pedigree, the seeding committee, for lack of a better term, screwed the Broncos and they missed yet another neutral site matchup with a 13-seed. That means the Broncos will have to knock off the 4th-ranked Oregon State squad if they want to advance...and they’ll be IN Corvallis. No sweat, right?

Oregon State was 15-1 at home this season and are led by local WBB legend Destiny Slocum, who is playing her first season for the Beavers since transferring from Maryland. Slocum grew up in Meridian and in the lead up to this weekend’s game, stirred a tempest in a teapot with comments about not wanting anything to do with Boise State (yeah, I’m paraphrasing). It was all a silly affair with both sides pretend upset about Slocum and Boise State coach Gordy Presnell’s comments, but when the rubber meets the road, I think there is mutual respect there and the Broncos just want to survive and advance in the tourney.

Not much more to say here but GO BRONCOS!