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Bronco WBB squeak by UNR 72-67

The Wolf Pack made a late run that knotted the game late, but the Broncos pulled away

Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament - Championship - San Diego State v New Mexico Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

This game was far closer than it had any right to be (and, yes, I am going to ignore the 75-74 Boise State win in the first part of this series).

Behind the record-setting 37 points by Bradey Hodgins, the Broncos were able to shimmy on by the UNR Wolf Pack and advance to the next round of the Mountain West Conference tournament.

Both teams started sluggish early on in the game with both squads shooting quote abysmally. UNR had started 5-13 while the Broncos were 4-14 when the score was tied 13 all. The awful shooting would haunt the Broncos especially. They ended up shooting 38.6% while the Wolf Pack hit 50% of their shots.

Hodgins was the unquestioned star for the Broncos as she was the only one to hit double-digits in the points area. Lupfer was second with nine. Yep. Nine points.

UNR had three players in double-digit points with Jade Redmon scoring 25 of the Wolf Pack points.

What killed the Wolf Pack were the turnovers. 23 for UNR while Boise State only had eight.

Broncos will face the winner of Fresno State and UNLV in the semifinals.

Go Broncos!