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Andy Avalos leaves Boise State, saddens entire fan base

NCAA Football: Las Vegas Bowl-Boise State vs Oregon Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The adage goes something like, “Father Time is undefeated.” Usually that means when someone passes on, or when an athlete has to hang up his/her respective gear and accept the fact that he/she can no longer perform at a level acceptable for the preferred sport.

In this case I am referring to the inevitable, but no less crushing, news:

And a day that we all knew would eventually come has indeed made it’s way here.

We all knew that Andy Avalos was an exceptional coach, mentor, and—by all accounts—person in general. What we didn’t want was that news to get out. But, as is always the case for a successful program, that news is hard to bottle up.

Former Oregon DC, Jim Leavitt, left somewhat unexpectedly and the thought was that Head Coach Mario Cristobal would promote from within. Thus giving the Broncos at least one more year of Avalos’ tutelage and recruiting.

Oh. His defensive production isn’t anything to sneeze at either.

Alas, the bell tolls for thee and Avalos saw an opportunity that he felt he couldn’t turn down.

I mean, can you blame him?

Of course, I am mostly referring to salary. Avalos seems to do just fine with finding his own talent and developing it.

At any rate, now the Broncos get to hire a new Defensive Coordinator right before spring ball. Which... is less than ideal.

But there are some options for the Broncos.

Or perhaps go with someone with some name/family recognition?

Which would be a fun one.

Avalos left the program in better shape than when he found it. Good luck to him going forward.

Except when Boise State plays against him.