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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Demarcus Lawrence; Group of Five watch; Busy weekend for Boise State

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

I have a tough time controlling my Australian Shepherd when we are at the park.

He and I wrestle with this steerability. (Nuggie submission!)

Demarcus Lawrence not plan on signing franchise tag

He’s looking for a long-term deal. I don’t blame him. Hopefully the Cowboys will be on the same page.

Sports Illustrated Group of Five watch

Highlighting other teams not named Boise State and UCF.

So a lot happened over the weekend

Bronco dwimmer & divers get third in the MWC Championships. The three-peat didn’t happen, but there were a bunch of good performances all around.

Bronco gymnastics go 1-1 in tri-meet. That is the first loss for the Broncos on the season. BUT still quite the effort.

Bronco softball is 10-2 after going 4-0 over weekend. On the season the Broncos have wins over the ACC, SEC, and the Big Ten. Broncos on a roll!

Track and field championships: Men take sixth, women take fifth.


Booo Tube. All the worst-rated YouTube videos.