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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Weekly awards; Old Timey Reporter; Jerry Jones speaks of The Chosen One

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Which is heavier: the collected works of Shakespeare or a prison full of inmates?

The prose outweighs the cons.

Broncos nabbing weekly gymnastics awards

You know. The yoozh. I assume the Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference is just going to rename the gymnast of the week to the Shani Remme Award. Because she hogs all of them (and rightfully so).

Not to be outdone: Bronco softball took some MWC nods as well

Player AND Pitcher of the week!

Jerrah Jones has a little bit to say about The Chosen One

I am guessing Kellen getting the position has something to do with his way of communicating.

Still super excited about Kellens trajectory.

This outlet has a draft profile for Brett Rypien

I just hope he gets drafted and a fantastic career.

Bronco swimming and diving looking to three-peat at MWC Championships

And this with a head coach in her first year. So this week should be jam-packed with some good races and results.

ICYMI: Old Timey Reporter had some wise words to drop

The old man has seen a lot in his days. Good to see he’s still letting us know his thoughts.