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Championship GameThread: Boise State vs Hawaii

NCAA Football: Boise State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This one, as they say, is for all the marbles. Regular season result (59-37) aside, anything can (and often will) happen in the Mountain West Championship...we’re just hoping, well...the same thing happens. All those decks, two-a-days, and weight room sessions are for this right here—a championship. This Bronco team has already made history and their own legacy as the first Bronco team to go undefeated in league play, now another chance to seal that legacy and underline it in permanent ink as they try to avenge last year’s OT championship loss to Fresno State—this time against first-time championship contenders Hawaii. If you aren’t here, tune your TVs to ESPN as we’ll kick in about an hour. If you ARE here...get down to the stadium, this team needs you. WE need you. Nothing left to say now but...