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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Two NFL-ready guys; Fans can travel; Fun with rankings; Home schedule

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I was accused of being a plagiarist.

Their words, not mine.

Boise State officially official with two players leaving early

And my heart hurts.

Don’t get me wrong: I fully support both Cleveland and Weaver’s decision to go to the next level. This is a dream for so many of these guys so might as well pursue that with a gusto.

Having said all that: I wish they were staying for fully selfish Boise State-related reasons.

Good luck to both of these guys.

Boise State fans can travel

Which is cool?

Having a matchup with blueblood Oklahoma doesn’t surprise anyone. But TCU being in the top-two? Then considering who all have been to the Fiesta Bowl—in general—makes it even funnier. Good for Bronco Nation showing up when it counts.

Man. How funny is this stat?

That no. 2 spot will never—ever—happen again for any G5 team. It was fun while it lasted.

For funsies: the 2020 football schedule

This is going to be a super-fun schedule. I assume Florida State isn’t buying out of that game at this point. But Florida State and BYU at Albertson’s Stadium is a really nice. And the fact that there are seven home games. No 13th game (Hawaii travel) but nice to be at home so much comparatively speaking.


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