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NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

If you happen to run in Twitter circles, you may have noticed a hashtag being promoted far and wide by @OBNUG, #FamFillsTheBlue. No, this isn’t an effort by your Vietnamese neighbor Fam to get people to turn out for the title game (although he’s a lovely guy)’s an effort to connect people graciously giving away tix to people that want to be there Saturday afternoon, but are otherwise unable.

First off, if you can afford to go...I strongly recommend buying a ticket (or three). It’s an afternoon game for ain’t gonna be THAT cold (might want to bring a poncho though, just to be safe) and’s for the MOUNTAIN WEST CHAMPIONSHIP. If you were there last year, you understand how much it sucks to lose but if you were there in 2017, you understand how amazing an experience it is to win and celebrate a title on The Blue with our Broncos.

Now, if you have tickets but are unable to go...why not give them to some fellow Broncos (or at least offer them at a reduced price)? That way you’ll have some people screaming for you by proxy. After all, Bronco Nation (especially you Nuggies) is a family (or “fam” as the youths call it) and just like any family, we’ve got crazy uncles (those SEZ lunatics), rich aunts (loge box), and that one cousin who’s into cosplay (looking at you again, SEZ). Still, our goals are all the same and we want to see our Broncos bring that title back to its rightful place in our trophy case. So, if you are looking for tickets outside the normal avenues or looking to sponsor, host, or help out use the #FamFillsTheBlue hashtag on twitter and we’ll try to connect you with some like-minded individual.

If you aren’t on Twitter (and honestly, that’s cool), but want to participate in this Bronco lovefest, let us know what you’re looking for or looking to do on this here site and if anything, it’ll help amplify your message. Let’s fill The Blue, Bronco Fam...