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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Henderson going to an all-star game; Another MBB add; NFL dreams

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I bought my son a fridge for Christmas.

I can’t wait to see his face light up when he opens it.

Jaylon Henderson going to an all-star game

Which one? Who knows! (Well, maybe Henderson knows.)

I’m disappointed he’s not going to the Senior Bowl. Only because, of the all-star games, that one is the best option. But either way it’s going to be fun to watch his career moving forward.

Bronco MBB getting another transfer

And this is an interesting statistic.

And you know what? Good. Coach Rice had been building his teams the ‘right’ way with high school seniors and building from the bottom up. The current coach of the Arkansas MBB team—really—had a bunch of transfers and won a bunch of games. Whatever. Get those Ws whenever possible.

Grover Ezra Cleveland leaving for the NFL

Which we all kind of knew was going to happen. I mean I didn’t want it to. But I was ever hopeful.

I don’t want anyone to leave early for selfish reasons. But good luck to Mr. Cleveland on his next step.