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Boise State lands at no. 22 in initial CFP rankings

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today the initial rankings have been released in the College Football Playoffs. While the Broncos were generally believed to land somewhere in the top 25, where would be the important issue.

And the committee has spoken:

Interestingly enough the Broncos land smack dab in the middle of a G5 heavy back end of the poll.

Meaning that if we were to take these standings, Cincinnati would get the G5 spot in the Cotton Bowl.

Having said all that, Memphis and Cincinnati play each other at the end of November. So there is a guarantee one of the two schools in front of the Broncos will get another loss. After that, the Broncos would need to hope for either of those teams to lose in their championship (hopefully to Navy) so the Broncos could squeak in front.

Obviously the above scenario is supposing that the Broncos win out. Dropping another game (and even winning the conference) probably wouldn’t be enough for the Broncos to get the highest slot. Unless, of course, just pure chaos happens in the American and teams just start inexplicably dropping games. That wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

As usual the natural caveats apply: lots of games left to play, only control the controllable, wish/hope that a bunch of other G5 teams—for whatever reason—forget how to play competent football.

Your Turn

How do you feel about these rankings? Too high? Low? Just right? Let me know.