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Colorado State Anagram Roster

wherein we make minimal weed jokes

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

Welcome to the newest installment of the ANAGRAM ROSTER! This week, we’re taking a gander at alternative spellings for the Colorado State University Rams. No, not the truck brand, like sheep but with extra fingernails on their head.

Regular readers may recall that we attempt to find a theme in the madness each week, and this week is no different. Given Colorado’s reputation for legalization, our anagrams each attempt to describe a stoner business plan. The results are wild, but we’d expect that for this topic.

On to the anagrams!

  • Colorado State University = A Cad Television Story Tour
  • Fort Collins, Colorado = Accordion Fools Troll
  • Mike Bobo = Mike Boob


  • WR Warren Jackson = Owns Canker Jar
  • WR Dante Wright = Twang Dither
  • WR E.J. Scott = Jet Cost
  • LT T.J. Storment = Mr. Jot Tents
  • LG Nouredin Nouili = Ruined Oil Union
  • OC Scott Brooks = Stock Robots
  • RG Jeff Taylor = Fry Jet Loaf
  • RT Barry Wesley = Brews Yearly
  • TE Cameron Butler = Mount Cerebral
  • QB Patrick O’Brien = Baritone Prick
  • RB Marcus McElroy = Scummy Caroler
  • FB Adam Prentice = A Predicament


  • DE Manny Jones = Jenny Moans
  • DT Ellison Hubbard = Sundial Hobbler
  • NT Devin Phillips = Pelvis Hind Lip
  • DE Jalen Bates = Ten Jab Sale
  • LB Tron Folsom = Loft Morons
  • LB Camron Carter = Tarmac Corner
  • LB Dequan Jackson = Neon Jack Squad
  • CB Rashad Ajayi = Ajar Hay Dais
  • FS Jamal Hicks = Shim Jackal
  • SS Logan Stewart = Wrangle Toast
  • CB Anthony Hawkins = This Honky Wanna


  • PT Ryan Stonehouse = (this name kept crashing our software)
  • PK Braxton Davis = Do Vibrant Sax
  • LS Ross Reiter = Terrorises
  • H Joe DeLine = Joined Eel
  • PR Brenden Fulton = Torn Bed Funnel