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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: CFP projections; Bowl projections; Top-25 rankings; Jalen Walker

NCAA Football: Boise State at Utah State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Me: I think I have a crush on Beyoncé.

My wife: Whatever floats your boat.

Me: No, that’s buoyancy.

Broncos holding steady in the polls

This feels a lot like Groundhog Day.

What’s interesting is that the Broncos got leapfrogged by Iowa in the AP. Iowa, if you didn’t know or didn’t just google their record, is 8-3. I get they get a lot of benefit of the doubt but, huh? They have an opportunity to beat Nebraska this next Saturday to get to 9-3 and make sure the Cornhuskers don’t go bowling (again). Nebraska not going bowling makes me laugh for personal reasons. But would prefer Iowa not be ahead of the Broncos. Ah well.

Jalen Walker: pretty good at cornerbacking

And there is some statistical proof!

I have been convinced—via twitter—to put emotional capital into him being the Mountain West Defensive Player of the Week. So I am going to. I better not be disappointed.

CFN projects the CFP for Tuesday

Surprise! Not much change. Though I do think swapping Boise State and Cincinnati wouldn’t be that far outlandish. There are also a lot of folks who may try and argue a two-loss AAC team deserves a NY6 spot over a potential one-loss Boise State. I believe those folks would be incorrect.

Though I will say that the G5 top teams deserve better than what we are going to get. Air Force deserves better. And Memphis/Cincy loser do deserve better. C’est la vie.

ESPN Bowl projections

Basically fall in line with the projections above. Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl. Memphis in the Cotton.

Because you guys need to see this Bronco football tweet

I Love it too.


Internet inception.