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On to the Mountain West championship game


NCAA Football: Boise State at Utah State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Ok guys. Admittedly that was a fun, and quite hilarious, game. It was a season in the making and it did wonders for my heart palpitations.

After molly-whomping a clearly inferior Utah State Aggies squad—in their house, on senior night—the team has earned a sigh of relief and some respite from the pressures of having another chance to go back. No matter what happens against Colorado State next Saturday, the Broncos have made the title game for a third year in a row.

And in this edition of the Mountain West conference title game, the Broncos get a rematch with Hawaii.

Now, obviously, for post-season hopes the Broncos need to win two more games. Anything other than that is a clear no-go for an NY6 game. So the players and the coaching staff will be focusing on that.

But we, as fans, have something else to focus on.

We need to fill Albertson’s Stadium and make sure that the Hawaii Warriors know they’re playing in Boise, Idaho.

And that is where you come in.

We have TWO WHOLE WEEKS to make sure we sell out the stadium. We have need to give the players the send off they deserve. And that’s a packed house, making noise all night long.

So from now, until the very last second, we need to encourage everyone who can, to pick up tickets for the title game.

Obviously there are always reasons (money, physically can’t go, etc., etc.) why some folks can’t attend. That’s fine. Life happens and *gasp* there are things in life outside of football.

But if you are willing, and actually able, to go to the game—GO. If you are unable to go, please think about donating tickets to those who otherwise cannot afford it. Tickets last year were $25-45 depending on where you wanted to sit. So this year they stayed pretty close, for the most part. Click HERE to get your tickets for 2019 championship game.

We have a great opportunity here folks. And this is something we had all been wanting all year. Take advantage it.