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Utah State Anagram Roster

What in the sweet hell is an Aggie

Utah State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Welcome to MAYBE DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK? The Broncos are surviving and advancing at a steady rate so far, and next up is the Utah State Aggies. While we do not speak of 2015, they’ve not generally been as imposing as we were led to believe before kickoff; however, we’re not at kickoff and I have nervous diarrhea already.

With that lovely mental image (brought to you by Logan, Utah’s Tourism Board) we head into this week’s anagram roster for Utah State. THE THEME: Academic Minors offered by the University. It’s hit and miss.

  • Utah State University = Sanitary Tutu Thieves
  • Logan, Utah = Hula Tango
  • Gary Andersen = Dense Granary


  • WR Savon Scarver = Canvas Rovers
  • WR Jordan Nathan = Hand On Ant Jar
  • WR Siaosi Mariner =Remission Aria
  • TE Caleb Repp = Plebe Crap
  • LT Alfred Edwards = Addles Ward Ref
  • OC Demytrick Aliifua = Milk Fire Audacity
  • RG Karter Shaw = Rarest Hawk
  • RT Kyler Hack = “try again with more vowels”
  • QB Jordan Love = Do Jar Novel
  • RB Gerold Bright = Third Blogger


  • DE Justus Tei = Jet Suit Us
  • DT Devon Anderson = No Darned Ovens
  • DT Christopher Unga = Southern Graphic
  • DE Tipa Galeai =Ail Pea Gate
  • ILB Elijah Shelton = Jello Sin Heath
  • ILB Kevin Meitzenheimer = Meek Vizier Inn Theme
  • NB Andre Grayson = Dragons Yearn
  • CB D.J. Williams = Sid Will Jam
  • BS Shaq Bond = IMMUNITY
  • FS Troy Lefeged = Lofty Degree
  • CB Cameron Haney = Romance Hyena


  • PT Aaron Dalton = Anal Tornado
  • PK Dominik Eberle = Edible Moniker
  • LS Brandon Pada = Drop Bandana