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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: More SP+; A bowl projection; Boise State rankings; PFF team of the week

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NCAA Football: New Mexico at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I was pretty upset when I found out that my buddy Mark stole my dictionary.

When I confronted him I said, “Mark, my words!!”

College Football News has some bowl projections

And, interestingly enough, they have a pretty fun matchup for the Broncos against a team from Florida. Which one? Well it looks like you’ll need to click to find out. (Hint: you won’t be disappointed. I certainly hope they’re correct.)

I love these pictures

My favorite part of these is that they happen so often. So many Boise State combinations and matchups! (Also: congratulations to Mattison for being on the squad that didn’t blow a 20-point lead.)

Pro Football Focus put together a team of the week

You should click because they only have two G5 athletes and, well, I wouldn’t include the link if it wasn’t worth your time to click on it.

Broncos drop a smidge in the polls

Dropped to 20th in the AP (only down one slot). Stayed the same in the Coaches. The only one that matters is the one that drops on Tuesday. (But don’t expect much, obviously.)

ESPN SP+ rankings

If you like stats and rankings, here is your chance to check out the update.

USA Today Misery Index

This is always a fun one to look at because you can get a bit of a snapshot to the national perceptions of a program. There are two MWC schools on this list. And it’s not a wonder which two.


Bouncy Balls. (Yes, this is safe for work.)