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New Mexico Anagram Roster

It’s not just for hot air balloon festivals anymore

NCAA Football: New Mexico at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

Well, we survived Wyoming and the Twitiot scandal, so now it’s onto the much-delayed Anagram Roster! Shockingly, we even found an anagram for Bob Davie without “Dab” in it. OR DID WE? (Dab Bovie!)

This week’s lame attempt at a theme is “Sightseeing in Albuquerque”. However, we make no mention of Breaking Bad, so take from that what you will. Without further ado:

  • Albuquerque New Mexico = Equinox Lamb Crew Queue
  • University of New Mexico = Executioners of Winy Vim
  • Bob Davie = Babe Void


  • WR Jordan Kress = Adorns Jerks
  • WR Emmanuel Logan-Greene = A Genome Allergen Menu
  • WR Aaron Molina = Noon Malaria
  • LT Javon Mosley = Sly Mojo Vane
  • LG Chris Estrella = Caterer Shills
  • OC Kyle Stapley = Pesky Lately
  • RG Cade Briggs = Scab Digger
  • RT Teton Saltes = Latest Notes
  • TE Marcus Williams = Similar Law Scum
  • QB Tevaka Tuioti = Vita Auto Kite
  • RB Bryson Carroll = Sorry Cornball


  • LDE Trent Sellers = Tells Renters
  • NT Ben Gansallo = Loan Bangles
  • RDE Erin Austin = Urinate Sin
  • RUSH Jacobi Hearn = Achier Banjo
  • MLB Alex Hart = Relax Hat
  • BUCK Alexander Vainikolo = Anorexia Kid Novella
  • LCB DeJohn Rogers = Nerd Hero Jogs
  • FS Letayveon Beaton = Vote Neat Baloney
  • SS Jerrick Reed II = Red Rice Jerk
  • STAR Johnny Hernandez = Jenny Had Zen Horn
  • RCB Donte Martin = Tandem Intro


  • PT Tyson Dyer = Trendy Soy
  • PK Andrew Shelley = Sly Ewe Handler
  • LS Aiden Kneller = Kernel Denial