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Hawaii Anagram Roster

Let’s Get Vowel-y

Hawaii v Washington Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

This week, our intrepid boys in the Anagram Department had to take on the ghastly specter that is the vowel-laden names of Hawaii’s roster. While indubitably awesome, the Polynesian affinity for vowel usage makes anagram production a difficult endeavor. Despite these obstacles, our boys mostly prevailed!

This week’s theme is Indie Bands of the Islands. You’ll see.

  • University of Hawaii, Manoa = Virtuoso, If A Whiny Anaemia
  • Nick Rolovich = Rich Vino Lock


  • WR Jared Smart = Rad Ramjets
  • WR Melquise Stovall = Loveliest Qualms
  • WR Cedric Byrd II = Icy Bird Cider
  • WR Jo Ward = Jaw Rod
  • LT Ilm Manning = Lamming Inn
  • LG J.R. Hensley = ANAGRAM IMMUNITY (somehow needs more vowels)
  • OC Taaga Tuulima = Aim Tag At Luau
  • RG Solo Vaipulu = Soul Up Voila
  • RT Gene Pryor = Pro Energy
  • QB Cole McDonald = Condom Called
  • RB Freddie Holly III = Hi Yield Oiled Fir


  • DE Mason Vega = Save Mango
  • NT Blessman Ta’ala = Balsam Sealant
  • DT Kendall Hune = Nun Held Leak
  • DE Kaimana Padello = Laden Oak Impala
  • SLB Paul Scott = Postal Cut
  • MLB Kana’i Picanco = No Pink Acacia
  • NB Eugene Ford = Undergo Fee
  • CB Cortez Davis Jr. = Carrots Jived
  • S Kalen Hicks = Ink Shackle
  • S Ikem Okeke = ANAGRAM IMMUNITY “Too Many K’s”
  • CB Rojesterman Farris II = A Farrier Rejoins Mist


  • PT Stan Gaudion = Dot Iguanas
  • PK Ryan Meskell = Snarl Meekly
  • LS Wyatt Tucker = Try A Wet Tuck