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SJSU Anagram Roster

Brought to you by Big Tech (tm)

San Jose State v BYU Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

Happy Halloween, Nuggies! After that tricky bye week, we’ve reached the treat of the Anagram Roster (such as it is). Here’s to no more byes until that period before the bowl game and then that ridiculously long offseason bye of sadness.

This week the Angram Roster takes on the San Jose State University Spartans, which are named not after the Greek warriors of yore, but rather the decorating style of their university. Budget cuts have not been kind to the SJSU interior decorating team.

This week’s theme could possibly be What Are They for Halloween?

  • San Jose = So Jeans
  • Brent Brennan = unknown


  • WR Tre Walker = Trawl Reek
  • WR Isaiah Hamilton = Hi Oath Mainsail
  • WR Bailey Gaither = He Begat Airily
  • LT Jack Snyder = Candy Jerks
  • LG Troy Kowalski = Woo Talky Risk
  • OC Kyle Hoppe = Help Pokey
  • RG Tyler Stevens = Svelte Sentry
  • RT Quinn Oseland = On Linen Quads
  • TE Billy Humphries = Prime Hilly Bush
  • QB Josh Love = Josh Vole?
  • RB Kairee Robinson = No Iron Bakeries


  • DE Junior Fehoko = Joke Ruin Hoof
  • NT Sailosi Latu = I Assault Oil
  • DE Cade Hall = Leach Lad
  • OLB Jesse Osuna = So Use Jeans
  • ILB Ethan Aguayo = You Eat Ghana
  • ILB Kyle Harmon = Lanky Homer
  • OLB Rico Tolefree = Fierce Looter
  • LCB Nehemiah Shelton = The Manhole Shine
  • SS Tre Webb = Brew Bet
  • FS Jonathan Lenard = Hold Antenna Jar
  • RCB Brandon Ezell = Zen Enroll Dab


  • PT Alex Galland = Legal Land Ax
  • PK Matthew Mercurio = Outwit Me, Charmer
  • LS Andrew Gonneville = Evening Lowlander