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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Dallas news projects Cowboy’s picks; Bronco QB on a 53-man roster?; Game time set

NCAA Football: Boise State at Brigham Young Gabe Mayberry-USA TODAY Sports

What’s the difference between an African elephant and an Indian elephant?

About 5,000 miles.

Dallas News has a prediction on the Cowboys’ draft prospects

And you will never guess who they have the Cowboys drafting.

(Weaver. They are predicting a Curtis Weaver pick. Now it is up to you to click and find out where.)

A former Bronco is moving on up

And joining a 53-man roster.

Would be nice if he got to play and had a ton of success.

Want to watch some soccer?

The Broncos are hosting the MWC tournament. There is a chance that they could host again next year if they are able to win out. (They would split the regular-season title with SDSU, but the Broncos beat them head to head earlier this year.)

Bronco kickoff set against _yoming

And... it’s a late one.


You ever wonder what David Bowie did at your age? Well now you can find out.