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UNLV Anagram Roster

Viva “Slag Vase”?

Nevada v UNLV Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

We made it, y’all. BYE week was a rough go, but we prevailed in the end. Our reward is a trip to The Mistake with No Lake, the Crown Jewel of Southern Nevada’s Gambling and Tourism Board, Las Vegas! As someone who drinks cheaply and gambles by reaching into the Halloween candy bowl without looking, Vegas holds little appeal to me. I am sure some of you have had this date circled for reasons other than football, and that’s ok too.

This week’s anagram roster theme isn’t really a theme; much like Las Vegas, it’s a mish-mash of big winners, inappropriate jokes, and complete busts. Enjoy!

  • Las Vegas = Slag Vase
  • Tony Sanchez = Zany Notches


  • WR Randal Grims = Rim Garlands
  • WR Darren Woods Jr. = Wonder Jar Rods
  • WR Tyleek Collins = Lonely Tickles
  • LT Ashton Morgan = Hangman Torso
  • LG Matt Brayton = To Try Batman
  • OC Sid Acosta = Dais Tacos
  • RG Justin Polu = Joint Lupus
  • RT Justice Oluwaseun = Cautious Sun Jewel
  • TE Giovanni Fauolo = Info On Guava Oil
  • QB Armani Rogers = Roams Angrier
  • RB Charles Williams = Salami Crew Shill
  • FB Jamaal Neal = A Jean Llama


  • DE Nick Dehdashtian = Indict Handshake
  • DT Kolo Uasike = A Kooks Lieu
  • NT Tavis Malakius = Visual Aim Task
  • BUCK Gabe McCoy = Cagey Comb
  • WLB Rayshad Jackson = Joky Ass Handcar
  • MLB Farrell Hester II = Heartier Fillers
  • SAM Javon White = No Thaw Jive
  • LCB Jericho Flowers = Heroic Ref Jowls
  • SS Evan Austrie = Nausea Rivet
  • FS Drew Tejchman = Mad Jet Wrench
  • RCB Myles Plummer = Mummy Speller


  • PT Hayes Hicken = Ashen Hickey
  • PK Daniel Gutierrez = Energized Ritual
  • PR Jacob Gasser = Jabs Corsages