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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: CBS Bottom 25; Totally random practice pics; AJ Richardson

Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What was Icarus’ least favorite food?

Hot wings.

CBS Bottom-25

Two Mountain West conference teams make appearances. Not necessarily the best look, but it makes sense why both of these teams are here. The Mountain West’s strongest teams are having pretty solid years. The guys at the bottom are staying there.

AJ Richardson is back on a practice squad

Good for Mr. Richardson. Hopefully he is able to really get an opportunity to not only get on the 53-man, see the field, but also stay on.

Totally random picture of Boise State football practice

Yep, totally nothing to see here folks. Just an everyday totally normal picture of dudes practicing. Definitely don’t read anything too much into either of these pictures.

Guess who the fourth captain will be down in Las Vegas

Too late!

Curious about the uniforms down in Vegas?

Well here you go.

Can’t go wrong with the crisp all-white uniform.

Forde Yard Dash: third quarter

No, Boise State isn’t on here. BUT quite a few teams that would pique your interest are on here. Two teams on the Broncos’ schedule anyway.


How big of a rebel are you?