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5 Questions and NO Blog Bet: Boise State vs BYU

The Broncos travel down to Provo to take on the Cougars, and we have some insights from the folks at Vanquish The Foe.

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at South Florida
“Still got mine, Wilson!”
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This year, our questions have been graciously answered by Phillip Hiatt from Vanquish The Foe and I answered his questions here. VTF is disinclined to acquiesce to our request for a blog bet, though, citing reasons about “probably going to lose,” or something of that nature. I still might post something here, though.

OBNUG: I’ll be honest, I was a little worried about BSU playing against Zach Wilson this season, since he seemed to be able to move the ball at will against our defense. Now that he’s out, are you hoping to see more Jaren Hall or Baylor Romney in this game (if Hall is cleared to play)?

VTF: Jaren Hall proved on Saturday he is a legitimate weapon on offense. He had the only 2 carries for BYU that went over 25 yards. He also had a 133 passing efficiency. I think Jaren will give BYU the best chance to win, and he practiced with the first team on Wednesday, so we expect him to be well enough to play Saturday.

OBNUG: Speaking of quarterbacks, Taysom Hill was one of my students as a freshman in high school. Please watch this short video of his and give a critic’s film review:

VTF: It’s better than most freshman in high school can do. He gets the basics right. The lighting is good, the subject is never out of focus, and nothing distracts you from what’s happening on camera. The acting leaves something to be desired, but hey, it’s Taysom, not 15 year old Ryan Gosling. Taysom’s performances belong on the football field.

OBNUG: Which of BYU’s players should keep us up at night? Which BSU player haunts your dreams?

Someone that has really stepped up on BYU’s defense is linebacker Payton Wilgar. The freshman has really shown out this year, with a couple interceptions and some of the surest tackling on the team. He’s proven to be a play-maker for the Cougars. On the other side, BYU has one of the worst rushing defenses in the country, so any running back you put out there is going to scare us. Even if Hank Bachmeier can’t play, Robert Mahone and George Holani each have a chance to have their biggest games of the year. Curtis Weaver will also have a chance to feast. BYU’s offensive line is dealing with quite a few injuries, so if Weaver can find the mismatches, it could be a long night.

OBNUG: Write a hilarious caption for the following Kalani Sitake cartoon:

“Why’s that man riding a seahorse?” “Well son, that was all that was left after he destroyed all the ponies Broncos.”

OBNUG: On a scale of Disney movies (with Robin Hood being “supremely” and Air Bud Spikes Back being “not at all”), how high do you rate your confidence coming into this game?

VTF: Listen, I love BYU football, and before every game this season, I’ve been able to convince myself there is a way for BYU to win. I just can’t put myself through that this week. They haven’t shown anything in the past two games that they can beat Boise State. They have a depleted offensive line, and they can’t consistently run the ball. Don’t even get me started on the defensive side of the ball. They drop 8 in coverage almost the whole game and still give up huge passing plays. Then the opponent starts running down their throat and the do absolutely nothing to stop it. At least TRY something different, coach! I don’t expect anything to be different this week, and I see Boise State winning big. So, I guess you could say my confidence is at Air Buddies.

Thanks, Phillip! If you see me down in Provo wearing my Bronco Blues, I owe you a high five... above the waist! (Sorry, nutcracker joke.)