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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Athletic 130; Swapping bowl teams; Forde Yard Dash; Cedrick Wilson

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Hawaii v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I just got a new job as a street cleaner!

Turns out there’s not much training involved, you just pick stuff up as you go along.

The Athletic 130 ($)

Boise State is no. 13 on here. Just an fyi.

Banner Society replaces bowl teams

I’m fine with these changes. If anything I view the 2014 inclusion in the Fiesta Bowl as the least the CFB gods could do to at least somewhat make up for 2010 (it doesn’t entirely make up for it, of course, but at least a little).

They included 2004 no. 10 Boise State on this list which makes sense. (If you need a reminder this was the year that included that squeaker BYU game where the kicker missed and the Broncos won 28-27. This was also the Liberty Bowl game against Louisville where Broncos lost 44-40.)

Make sure you read the whole article to the end. Or—at minimum—Control+F in your window to Find ‘Boise’ and read everything. You’ll like the matchup at the bottom.

Athlon has a list of coaches that should be hired

Coach Harsin is on this list which is curious because he’s already a coach of a top-25 team. Super weird.

Pat Forde: Forde Yard Dash

Forde highlights the successes that the MWC is having this year.

Fake Coach Harsin meets Real Coach Rolovich ($)

This is a good and fun story featuring our own Ryan (graybandit2k). He runs the Fake Harsin account and, well, it’s managed to turn into an online friendship with Coach Rolovich. No matter what you think about Rolo, or Hawaii, Rolovich is one of the good ones.

Cedrick Wilson making moves for Dallas

This was one of the bright spots on the day where the Cowboys got roughed up by the Jets.


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