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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: USA Today; Athlon Sports; Case for, and against, undefeated Boise State; NFL Draft

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Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

My wife got into body building about 13 weeks ago.

We find out if it’s a boy or girl in a few weeks.

USA Today with Boise State at no. 15

I mean the article is mostly about Bama taking the no. 1 spot from Clemson. But, you know, in case you were wondering where the Broncos landed.

Athlon Sports ranks as well

Seems to be a common theme for these publications and ranking Boise State.

Also USA Today: Winners and losers

You’ll be particularly interested in who the first ‘loser’ is on this list.

The Case for, and against, Undefeated Boise State

This is Sports Illustrated. Just a run down of each undefeated team’s possibility of finishing undefeated.

The Athletic puts together a top-60 NFL Draft list ($)

Our boy Curtis Weaver is on this list. But a Utah State guy is on here as well. Take a guess as to where this guy lands before you click on the article.


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