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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Broncos ranked!; Demarcus Lawrence giving stuff away; The Fulmer Cup

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

May buddy went bald years ago but still carries around an old comb with him.

He just can’t part with it.

Broncs end the final AP poll ranked!

Which is better than nothing I suppose. Going into next year, the Broncos are going to replace a lot and won’t be given a lot of benefit of the doubt. But should make for some loose expectations.

Reminder: the Fuller Cup is a go

If you are unfamiliar, click the link and read up. Basically it tracks Division I football players being jerks. Some of the stuff on there is low-consequence just guys being boneheads. Others, well, can get a bit more serious. At any rate, while it is “humorous” to win, we don’t want to be anywhere near that thing.

CSU’s Coach Bob doesn’t accept a pay raise

I mean, yeah, it’s probably for the best. I know that Arkansas win last year (what?!) is kind of a thing, but they are bad.

Demarcus Lawrence is giving away a free trip!

Even if your weren’t a Dallas Cowboys fan, this would still be fun to go to.


Do you have some weird habits?