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Kellen Moore named Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

America’s quarterback, Kellen “Gary” Moore, was just named the offensive coordinator for America’s team—exceeding even my timeline expectations for Moore (and I often refer to Kellen as a beam of pure, radiant light). Moore just came off his first season on the Cowboys staff, where he served as quarterbacks coach just one year removed from sitting in the quarterbacks room as a backup. The Cowboys, stocked with former Boise State standouts, made it to the Divisional playoff this season, where they eventually fell to the NFC champion Los Angeles Rams. The ‘boys offense definitely played second-fiddle to the defense this year and Scott Linehan was relieved of his duties when the dust settled—still, Dak Prescott had a pretty solid season under center, with 22 passing TDs and 8 INTs (marks that were 16th- and 8th-best in the league, respectively). The lack of receiving playmakers outside of Amari Cooper was evident, but Dak still had a pretty good season under Moore’s tutelage.

Now, #11 will get his chance to retool the Cowboys offense and hopefully have it on the same level as the defense. Moore’s quarterback coaching chair will be filled by another former Dallas signal-caller, Jon Kitna. If you think Dak Prescott won’t endorse this move—think again, bucko.

“He’s special,” Prescott said. “He knows a lot about the game, just the way he sees the game, the way he’s ahead of the game. He can bring a lot to us, a lot of creativity.”

Kellen is an NFL OC before his 30th birthday. Atta boy, Gary.