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Boise State moves up in both the coaches poll and the AP poll

Broncos move to no. 17 in both polls.

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the Broncos have made moves in both the Amway Coaches Poll and the AP Poll.

In the Amway Poll the Broncos moved up to no. 17, keeping their lead over the only other G5 team included, no. 18 UCF.

Upcoming opponent, Oklahoma State, was the biggest riser moving up four spots to no. 19.

As for the AP Poll, the Broncos moved past UCF to no. 17 while the Golden Knights chimed in at no. 18.

These two teams will be linked until one of them goofs up in a major way.

The Cowboys finally made an appearance in the AP Poll by clocking in at no. 24.

This appears to be the best chance for the Broncos to beat a ranked team. One thing to note will be what Vegas thinks of the Broncos’ odds of stealing a win down in Stillwater. The visual of the Broncos being ranked higher, but most likely underdogs, will put a twist to these things.

Both the Golden Knights and the Broncos face Power 5 opponents this weekend. UCF has North Carolina, while the Broncos will be facing a ranked Oklahoma State. The Broncos will be feeling the pressure on this one. Reminder: North Carolina lost to East Carolina yesterday. East Carolina lost to—you guessed it—an FCS team in North Carolina A&T. So don’t look for UCF to trip up against a pretty bad North Carolina team.

Some other things to note:

  • Washington dropped a spot in the AP after shellacking North Dakota. Would have figured those Huskies would have at least held serve, but these things happen.
  • Michigan State had the biggest drop in the Coaches Poll. 11 spots. Wow. That’s quite the drop after a really close loss to Arizona State.
  • Hawaii received votes in both polls. A surging Hawaii team is good for the Mountain West.
  • No other MWC teams received any votes in either of the polls. Not surprising, but certainly disappointing. Fresno State lost a close one to Minnesota that they most certainly could have stolen.

Your turn

Ah, poll watching. It’s the best, isn’t it?