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Saturday Open Thread

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Week 2 of the football season! Since we’re back in the late kickoff game, we get to watch football all day before the BSU game.

Upcoming BSU opponents playing this weekend:

Oklahoma State vs. South Alabama

Wyoming vs. Missouri

San Diego State vs. Sacramento State (the “Is Not A State” pillow bowl)

Nevada vs. Vanderbilt (RIP Wolfpuppies)

Colorado State vs. Arkansas

Air Force vs. Florida Atlantic

BYU vs. Cal

Fresno State vs. Minnesota

New Mexico vs. Wisconsin (The Fighting Bob Davies gave it a go, but they still suck)

Utah State vs. New Mexico State

Usually the recommended course of action is to root for them until they play us, but I begrudge nobody who wishes for a BYU loss. Git r done, Wilcox.

Grab some snacks, crack open a cold one of whatever your kind of one is, and let’s do this thing. Keep it civil.