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Predict the score: Boise State vs. UConn

NCAA Football: Boise State at Troy Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Well last week was a fun, pleasant surprise, right? Here people were thinking it was going to be close but it wasn’t! Those are my favorite types of games tbh. I totally get the whole ‘want a good game’ thing. But I just prefer #BEATEMDOWNs more than anything. I can actually eat my food and my nights aren’t so long.


  • Guess the actual score as close as you can (obviously) but in the event that no one gets the score 100% correct, we are going to go with how close you guys were. Without going over.

What does that mean?

Let’s say the score was Boise State wins 17-10. Person A had 17-13 and Person B had 17-7. Both had Boise State’s score, but whiffed a little on the opposing score. But both were within three of the opposing score. The person who had the guess of 7 wins because that person did not go over.

  • The tiebreakers will go in order below. Again, as close to the actual tiebreaker as possible, even going over. In the unlikely even that the winner isn’t resolved after those, we are going to the ultimate winner: time. I will look at the time stamp and whoever posted first gets the nod.
  • Always choose the Broncos to win. No matter the odds. Picking against the Broncos risks a lifetime ban. I’m kidding of course. But seriously.
  • I reserve the right to change the house rules on a game-by-game basis. Mostly to try and avoid awkward situations where my math was off or something.


  • Sean Modster catches
  • Kekoa Nawahine tackles
  • Haden Hogarth total points

What do I get if I win?

Bragging rights, shout outs and, I don’t know, maybe we can figure something else out. When you are as awesome as you guys are, you deserve something nice.

What about the Troy predict the score?

Well. A convincing 56-20 beat down is pretty awesome. Especially awesome when Boise State is delivering the beat down. (Getting them aren’t as fun. But I can at least move on quicker in the night.)

So who won our illustrious shout out?

crunchward came in at 49-17. 10 points (total) from the actual score. Bluesport had 45-20. Hitting Troy’s score, but 11 points off from the total. Looks like crunchward gets the all-important bragging rights.

Your turn

Light it up folks. May all your predictions be Broncos wins (and they all be right in that regard).