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5 Questions and a Blog Bet with The UConn Blog

NCAA Football: Central Florida at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Nuggies! Since UConn has a SBNation blog, (conveniently named “The UConn Blog”), I thought it would be a good time to resurrect an old favorite: 5 Questions and a Blog Bet! Aman Kidwai was kind enough to answer my questions (and I his), and so with no further ado, read on!

1) What’s the most promising thing you saw from your team in the opener?

Very simply, quarterback David Pindell and the offense as a whole. Going into this season there were question marks about Pindell and the ability of the offense to continue the progress shown last year under a different OC. So far, it looks like UConn will be pretty competent on that side of the ball, which is great news.

Pindell did much more than acquit himself of last year’s struggles. He looked great, both with his arm and his legs. He made a lot of smart throws, was able to scramble and keep passing plays alive, completed 66 percent of his attempts overall and also added 157 rushing yards, mostly on designed runs. Pindell’s predecessor was pretty solid, but we haven’t seen anything this exciting under center ever. (Sad!)

2) If you were to pick UCONN’s archrival based on fans, past games, and personal experience, who would it be, and what Marvel villain would you liken them to?

Syracuse. Loki. Both whiny losers protected by cash.

3) Using Microsoft Paint, illustrate a scenario you see playing out in this weekend’s game.

I give you: Boise State Touchdown Pass. The only thing I know for certain will happen in this game.

4) If you could trade players like the NFL, which Boise State player would you swap for whom on your team? (We’re not considering future draft picks, either. Be fair!)

If we could swap our entire secondaries that’d be grand.

5) On a scale of game consoles (with the Atari Jaguar being “Not At All” and the PlayStation 2 being “Supremely”) how would you rate your confidence winning this game?

Sega Dreamcast

It will make all your dreams come true.

Good luck to the Huskies, in all their educational endeavors!