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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Cowboy captain; Donte Deayon on depth chart; CBS Sports Bottom-25; SI Bowls

NCAA Football: Boise State at Troy Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

What type of blood do you give a pessimistic person?

B positive.

Former Bronco Tyrone Crawford a Dallas Cowboy team captain

I mean, with all the Broncos on the team, it’s more likely than not that a captain would be a Bronco. It’s math.

Donte Deayon makes the NY Football Giants unofficial depth chart

I am not sure why they use ‘unofficial’ but, whatever, Deayon is on there and that is all that matters at this point.

CBS Sports bottom-25

Three Boise State opponents make this list and two Mountain West Conference teams.

Troy is included on here, but I am not sure that’s quite fair. I mean, they did play against Boise State. But Colorado State’s inclusion on here is... warranted. Then, of course, San Jose State is on here. Surprisingly enough not no. 1.

Bronco SOC going into some tough matchups this weekend

Broncos are on the road for the next two matches. They have Arizona and New Mexico State. Should be good.

Bronco VB headed to another tournament

They are going to take their 5 match winning streak down to California in the hopes to keeping it going.

And on that note, Sabryn Roberts looks like she’s going to get added to an exclusive Boise State club.

Athlon features the Turnover Throne

I can only assume the news and publicity over this thing is going to be done after this week. But it’s still pretty neat. Here is also an Athlon Seven-Step Drop.

Sports Illustrated has bowl projections

***Don’t get too hyped***

***Don’t get too hyped***

***Don’t get too hyped***


Touch pianist. Now this is pretty cool. You can “play” the piano at your own pace.