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Today’s Full Interviews With Boise State Players Modster, Thomas, Butler, And Molchon

Boise State wide receiver, #8 Sean Modster

Today, we had a chance to meet up with some of the new faces in the wide receiver group, in addition to one of the guards that blocks for their passer. Three of these four interviews were particularly engaging and hilarious. The other one...let’s just say he’s very focused.

Also, fun fact: The ‘CT’ in Thomas’s name isn’t indicative of his initials. It’s actually for his childhood nickname, Cold Titan. No joke.

Boise State Wide Receiver, #81 Akilian Butler

Boise State Wide Receiver, #6 CT Thomas

Boise State Guard, #77 John Molchon

Boise State Wide Receiver, #8 Sean Modster