College Football Imperialism


What is the College Football Empires Map? Last season, I created the College Football Imperialism Map, which quickly became one of the most anticipated features on the CFB Subreddit every week. This season I have been given the opportunity to host this map on SB Nation, under the slight name change to the College Football Empires Map. This map asks the question, "What if college football games were played for more than just wins and losses, but also for land?" Each FBS team is given a territory to begin the season, and if they lose, the team that beats them takes their land. Teams are then always in the process of trying to either regain land or expand their land by beating teams that have land. The territories for each team are determined by which school is closest in straight-line distance to the geometric center of each county." That's what this map is, according to the SBnation post.