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Boise State moves up in the AP Poll

Broncos move up to no. 20

NCAA Football: Boise State at Troy Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As one who looks forward to the weekly CFB polls, I am always curious where the voters deign to put Boise State in relation to everyone else. Polls are mostly something to get folks worked up about college football and gives us all something to talk about—I get that. But these polls set the tone for later on in the season when the one that matters—the CFP—come out and place potential post-season games.

Being an important poll, as far as perception and momentum is concerned, the Associated Press is always a good barometer of where outsiders see each time any given week. As for this week, the AP has placed the Broncos at no. 20.

A few interesting notes:

  • The AP didn’t punish Washington (much, if at all) for its opening loss to Auburn, checking in at no. 9. Good. Teams should be given the benefit of the doubt for at least trying to reinforce their schedule. You never want to see voters drop teams too far when the match-ups are top-10. Note: UW was no. 9 in the opening poll. Also: I feel bad for North Dakota.
  • UCF stays right above Boise State at no. 19. While slightly inconsequential right now, this could provide a hurdle for Boise State as the season goes. BUT, as always, it’s a long season so this could not be a big deal one way or another.
  • Oklahoma State is right there in the “others receiving votes”. I don’t take the math seriously when people say they are ‘essentially’ no. 27. But whatever. In this case anything that we can do to get Oklahoma State in the top 25 would be fantastic. That match up in Stillwater in approximately two weeks looms large. Root for them.
  • Boise State opponents also receiving votes: BYU and Fresno State. Cool, I guess. Here’s to both of them making it as well, but they have a lot of ground they need to cover.
  • This is cool: Hawaii getting votes as well. I know Boise State misses them on the schedule, but MWC needs all the credit it can get and having a good Hawaii is important.

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