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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Turnover throne; UCONN start time; Soccer and Volleyball win

NCAA Football: Boise State at Troy Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Where do fish go when they aren’t feeling well?

They go to the doc. (H/t: Bill)

The turnover throne is officially viral

Yes: it’s a total gimmick, yes: the turnover trophies in general can be annoying. But this is a game and it’s all in good fun. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If the Washington Post is going to chime in on it, then it has achieved it’s desired effect.


This is the good kind of attention too. Something positive about the fun that can be had while at Boise State.

Also: it’s not as if Boise State is trying to claim some sort of national title or anything.

Boise State FB vs UCONN is on ESPNU next week

Kickoff? 8:17 p.m.

To which kickoff will undoubtedly get pushed back to 8:30 or some nonsense. At least it’s we get to see the Broncos at home.

NFL roster moves to the final 53-man list

Broncos have 13 players on active rosters.

I’m accounting for Rees Odhiambo getting cut.

Which is a bummer. Hate to see folks lose their jobs on stuff like this. But, perhaps, they will be able to make practice squads or rosters elsewhere. In case you were wondering about the moves being made, you can check this tracker.

Bronco VB wins the Idaho State Invitational

The Broncos swept their way to victory and a 5-0 start. They’ve got a lot of momentum going right now and it’s pretty fun to watch.

Bronco SOC on a tear as well

And they are moving right along to a 4-1 record so far. They have been able to start fast in their matches and staying aggressive.

Boise State FB opens as 34 point favorite against UCONN

I am not some sort of rocket surgeon, but that sure feels like a lot of points to be favored by. Of course, the game still needs to be played, and anything can happen, but we can be happy with the respect that Vegas is affording the Broncos.


Submarine Cable Map. I am not entirely sure what this details. But if anyone wants to detail it in the comments, it would be appreciated.