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_yoming fails to get their W back: Boise State Game recap

And the Broncos covered!

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Final: Boise State 34, _yoming 14

First half

It was an ugly first half for the Broncos if you’re counting penalty flags (I am), but our boys still got to the locker room holding a fairly comfortable lead thanks to some big plays on offense and some stout play on defense. The Broncos special teams struggled at the outset, missing a mid-range field goal but they got the chance due to pouncing on a muffed punt snap, and then they blocked a punt right before half to tip the scales back in the “special” column. AJ Richardson had an incredible touchdown grab that looked like it might be the play of the game before a greedy John Hightower one-upped him with a one-handed (and one-shoed) grab of his own. Hightower’s grab was part of a 99-yard TD drive by the Broncos. I mean, just look.

A couple of plays later, true freshman Khalil Shakir risked life and limb to dive into the endzone to give the Broncos a 3-score lead. WIth the first half in the books and a 24-0 lead (thanks to a Hoggarth field goal), the yardage discrepancy was eye-opening. Boise State went to the locker room with 286 yards of offense and 15 first downs, while the home team Cowboys put up just 73 yards and 6 first downs. 20 of those yards for the Cowboys were in a hurry-up drill to end the half. Not a great look.

Second half

Not the best start to the second half for the Broncos, as they allowed Cowboy running back to score a 75 yard TD on the first play of the 3rd quarter. Remember, the Cowboys had 73 yards in the entire first, a definite departure for both units. The Broncos answered with a 15-play drive that stalled in the redzone but settled for a field goal to keep the lead at 20. From there, it sort of just became keepaway ball for the Broncos, who seemed content to drive the field but not really go for broke until midway through the 4th quarter, when the Broncos decided to twist the dagger with yet another long-bomb Brett Rypien TD to John Hightower. Naturally, _yoming answered with a 72-yard touchdown pass on a blown coverage because the universe has conspired to not allow us to utterly humiliate _yoming on their home turf. As they say, “a win’s a win” and the Broncos secured their 19th-straight conference opening win tonight in Laramie.

Final stats/takeaways

Rypien looks GREAT this season. 342 yards and 2 TDs tonight and STILL no INTs (12-0) this year. Bronco D has been giving up too many big plays this fact, at least one in each of their 4 games, but a lot of it looks fixable, and this was the second straight game without Tyler Horton and a limited David Moa. Broncos have a huge game next weekend against San Diego State. Here are your final stats: