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Wyoming v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In the course of their deep investigative digging into the Mountain West Conference, one of OBNUG’s reporters stumbled across a hidden file buried within the confines of the internet. Our intrepid man on the web discovered that the Mountain West football coaches had held a secret meeting following the 2014 season, and declared open season on Boise State in football.

In their efforts to avoid becoming the WAC 2.0, it was determined that the conference needed whatever extra motivation was necessary to beat Boise State when they could. To this end, the coaches established a system of rivalry trophies with Boise State. Each trophy was customized to represent the team, and “blinged out” to appeal to the millennials.

Unfortunately, our man was disconnected before he could finish downloading all the information, but each week we will relay what our sources can confirm about the opponent.


After some extensive fact-checking and googling, our inside sources were able to confirm the existence of the _yoming Trophy. Those who have seen it describe it as being a jewel-encrusted, gold-plated W from the University of _yoming’s main campus monument sign. The rumor is that _yoming was short on time and budget before the deadline, and ended up spray-painting the W looted from their own sign, and hot-gluing some fake gems from Hobby Lobby onto it.

An unfortunate side effect of the trophy is that when possessed by Boise State, the main campus of _yoming has an incomplete sign welcoming visitors. Whispers around the conference insinuate that Craig Bohl has lost out on some high-profile recruits due to them thinking they had shown up at the wrong campus once they noticed the sign.

Upon the loss of the trophy, _yoming also loses the privilege of using the letter W on official correspondence and media mentions. While some outlets have ignored this embargo, OBNUG has dutifully followed the letter of the conference rule.

Despite our best efforts, our sources could not divulge any further details. Keep an eye out after the game, and let us know if you spot anything related to the Golden W.