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Wyoming Anagram Roster

NCAA Football: Wofford at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

(Editor’s note: for the sake of this article the _yoming rule is suspended.)

  • University of Wyoming = Neon Guy Vomits If Wiry
  • Laramie, Wyoming = A Wailing Memory
  • Craig Bohl = A Rich Blog

Offensive starters for Wyoming

  • WR: James Price = Jam Recipes
  • WR: Austin Conway = Caution Yawns
  • LT: Zach Wallace = Haze Caw Call
  • LG: Keegan Cryder = A Gray Redneck
  • C: Logan Harris = Or Gnash Lair
  • RG: Kaden Jackson = Done Sank Jack
  • RT: Alonzo Velazquez = [No Anagrams]
  • TE: Austin Fort = Sorta Unfit
  • WR: Raghib Ismail, Jr. = Irish Jamb Grail
  • RB: Nico Evans = Canons Vie
  • QB: Tyler Vander Waal = A Drywall Veteran

Defensive starters for Wyoming

  • DE: Garrett Crall = Tract Gall Err
  • DT: Youhanna Ghaifan = Oh Ha Iguana Fanny
  • DT: Sidney Malauulu = Unusually A Dime
  • DE: Carl Granderson = Caldron Rangers
  • SLB: Cassh Maluia = Aha Musicals
  • MLB: Logan Wilson = Waling Loons
  • WLB: Tyler Hall = Thrall Lye
  • CB: Antonio Hull = Loan Hunt Oil
  • SS: Andrew Wingard = Windward Anger
  • FS: Marcus Epps = Sup Campers
  • CB: Keyon Blankenbaker = Break Blank Neon Key

Special Teams

  • P: Tim Zaleski = Maize Kilts
  • PK/K: Cooper Rothe = Echo Trooper
  • HOLD: Nick Szpor = Zinc Porks
  • PR: Dontae Crow = Now Redcoat
  • KR: Jevon Bigelow =Noble Jog View
  • SNAP: Jesse Hooper = Oh Jeer Posse