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BREAKING: Boise to Change Turf to America’s Brightest Orange (Blog Bet)

After their 44-21 loss to the Pokes on Saturday, the Boise State athletic department has decided to change their turf to America’s Brightest orange.

”We feel this is a necessary change,” The AD said. “They have our land on the college football imperialism map so it’s only fair. And it will surely be better than that awful blue color.”

The administration at Boise believes that orange should be their primary color rather than secondary.

In addition to the change in the field. Corn Dogs will be half off all day.


(Thanks to Micah from Cowboys Ride for Free for taking it easy on us! Could you have told your team to do the same last Saturday (at least on punts)? Let’s root for them to run the table and make a playoff spot!)