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Oklahoma State Anagram Roster

NCAA Football: South Alabama at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • Oklahoma State University = Kitty A Leviathan Uses Room
  • Stillwater, Oklahoma = Will Solo Karate Math
  • Mike Gundy = Kidney Mug

Offensive starters for Oklahoma State

  • WR: Tyron Johnson = Horn Jot Sonny
  • WR: Jalen McCleskey = Mace Jelly Necks
  • LT: Arlington Hambright = Abnormal Girth Thing
  • LG: Larry Williams = Small Wiry Rail
  • C: Johnny Wilson = Oh Ninny Jowls
  • RG: Shane Richards = Ranch Radishes
  • RT: Teven Jenkins = Jennet Knives
  • TE: Tulane Wallace = Unlace A Wallet
  • WR: Dillon Stoner = Troll Done Sin
  • RB: Justice Hill = His Jilt Clue
  • QB: Taylor Cornelius = Surly Relocation

Defensive starters for Oklahoma State

  • DE: Jarrell Owens = Jello Swan Err
  • DT: Darrion Daniels = Linear Androids
  • DT: Trey Carter = Cry Retreat
  • DE: Jordan Brailford = Fjord In Labrador
  • SLB: Calvin Bundage = Bundling A Cave
  • MLB: Justin Phillips = Lupins Hips Jilt
  • S: Thabo Mwaniki = Ambition Hawk
  • CB: A.J. Green = Jar Gene
  • SS: Kenneth Edison-McGruder = Hunkier Strongmen Ceded
  • FS: Malcom Rodriguez = Crazier Mod Mogul
  • CB: Rodarius Williams = Our Dissimilar Law

Special Teams

  • P: Matt Hockett = Matt Tot Heck
  • PK/K: Matt Ammendola = A Madman Mottle
  • HOLD: Jake McClure = Cue Mr. El Jack
  • PR: Tracin Wallace = A Clerical Want
  • KR: Chuba Hubbard = Bad Bar Club Huh
  • SNAP: Sam Walkingstick = Gawk Milks Antics