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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Most dominant win in decades; CBS Sports conference rankings; CFB Empire

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NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

What did the tectonic say when he bumped into the other tectonic plate?

“Sorry, my fault.”

Boise State just had one of CFB’s most dominant win in decades

That kind of sums up what that whole article is about. It’s pretty great. My favorite line:

[Y]ou don’t want Bama, but on the wrong night, you definitely don’t want the Broncos either, unless you want to be a footnote.

Pretty darn good.

CBS Sports has conference rankings

And MWC is just under the ACC.

With Tom’s stuff, though, you need to take it with a bit of a grain of salt. He uses his own formula that he doesn’t really disclose. He mentions that several times. But It is good to see the MWC above the AAC.

The Athletic mentions Boise State ($)

Again, you have to pony up in order to read it. May be worth it for you.

More CFB Empire

Nothing really happened as far as Boise State is concerned, but this week is going to be a big deal.

Allie Ostrander talks about Patience and Restraint

Good talk here. I know that I don’t have a problem with ‘running too much.’ Certainly something that I don’t have to be worried about. But, when you’re an elite collegiate runner, it’s something that can weight heavily.

Underdog Dynasty Poll week 2

Obvious choice for no. 1 is no. 1. But check out who else is on their G5 list. I have a vote on this.

Sports Illustrated has some bowl projections

Very interesting matchup for the Broncos.