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GameThread: Boise State Broncos vs Troy Trojans

Boise State v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

At long last game day has arrived, so you can stop counting down and start counting wins. The first win is certainly no given, as the Broncos encounter a tough Troy team in their own stadium. If you’re in Troy, Alabama, you should probably get to your seat, but if you are anywhere else, I’d tune in to ESPNews to watch the Broncos do some work. If you’re more of the auditory type, you can tune in to 670 KBOI and listen to Bob Behler and Pete Cavender call the shots (or tune in on your computer HERE). If you are neither type, you should probably just lie down. We’ll be live-tweeting the proceedings at the official OBNUG twitter account, where we’ll be rolling out some new custom reaction gifs, so keep a weather eye. We hope you’ll hang out here with us at OBNUG while we laugh and cry together and as always, we’ll be along after the game with a blistering commentary.