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Boise State announces another three-game series with Oregon

This time it’s FOOTBALL!

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State v Oregon Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Because this rivalry is too go NOT to extend, Boise State and Oregon have hammered out a deal to continue their series:

The Broncos and Ducks are slated to meet on the following dates:

Sept. 24, 2024 (Eugene, Ore.)Sept. 13, 2025 (Boise, Idaho)Sept. 5, 2026 (Eugene, Ore.)

The schools will exchange $300,000 for the first two games, and Boise State will be paid $800,000 for the game in 2026.

Which is fantastic news for Boise State fans and college football fans in general.

Though we have to wait a good six years for the series to get going again (barring any bowl match ups), any time these two teams meet is going to be a good time.

Boise State will be making two trips to Eugene, where the legend of The Chosen One began and lead to one of the coolest Blog Bets ever produced.

And a return to Boise where the last time these two played the ending was... less than pleasant.

But no matter.

The fact that Boise State is a cool 3-0 versus the Ducks has to rub their fans the wrong way. And bragging rights go a long way in football.

Six years is an eternity in terms of CFB considering we don’t really know if the current coaching staff for either team will still be around. No matter. We, the fans, will still be kicking around.

For now we have the basketball rivalry to keep us going. And dustups on social media.

Your turn

This is exciting news and most definitely an opportunity to keep a regional rivalry alive. Let me know how you feel.