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Boise State has a new turnover trophy.

It’s got wheels! And a cool sign!

Boise State new turnover trophy
Dave Southorn — Idaho Statesman

The saying ‘like riding a bike’ is popular for a reason. Once you learn how to do it, it becomes second-nature.

And the Broncos coaches apparently want to mesh those two thoughts and reward their players accordingly.

Per the Dave Southorn of the Idaho Statesman:

Last fall camp, the Boise State football team had a turnover belt that was earned by the defender who was a thorn in the offense’s side that day in practice. This year, just a few yards off the practice field is a shiny, freshly-painted new reward.

A bike.

Which is pretty awesome.

While there are certainly some bad ideas for motivating athletes, doing so with a slick-looking bike, and visible bragging rights is certainly not one of them.

While the story doesn’t specify that the Broncos would be employing the idea during the season, it would be a fun one to see as a stationary bike mounted on the sideline for the guys to keep warm (provided a turnover happened).

The ‘King of Chaos’ moniker, and crown, is a delicious addition keep the fun and excitement.

It’s a good thing that CT Thomas and John Hightower aren’t on the defense. The coaches, and the crowd, would be holding their collective breaths as those two would ride around.

Your Turn

I, for one, would love to ride this thing. Alas, I am neither a king, nor anyone to engender chaos. Mostly just like hanging out.