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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WTN schedule; Cowboys awards; Montigo Alford; College Colors; Fulmer Cup Standings

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DirecTV Wooden Legacy Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

People often say ‘icy’ is the easiest word to spell.

Looking at it now—well—I see why.

Bronco WTN schedule released

If you are a tennis fan, this may appeal to you. Broncos will be facing BYU, Utah, and Washington State this season. So there are going to be some great matchups.

Sports Illustrated goes over the Boise State / Troy game

Taken from the article:

Broncos are considered the class of the Group of Five

Which is curious that Sports Illustrated didn’t rank Boise State in the top 25 a couple of weeks ago. They certainly don’t seem to shy away with certain praise, but that top 25 vote of confidence is oddly missing.

Former Bronco Montigo Alford signs with a basketball team

The San Diego Waves are part of The Basketball League. I had to Google that one.

Apparently this Friday is College Colors day

And Idaho State takes this personally.

Seems to be a sore spot for Idaho State. But, let’s be honest, they’d have to be more concerned about Boise State colors than the university up north.

Speaking of wearing colors...

Idaho State has fired Jeffy Tingey as Athletic Director. Looks like he won’t have to worry about wearing the correct orange and black. So, if my math serves me correctly: two Idaho universities are looking for new presidents, and two Idaho universities are looking for new ADs. The State Board of Education certainly has their work cut out for them.

Kamalei Correa is a Tennessee Titan now

I didn’t realize he was former teammates with Marcus Mariota. Small world.

The Fulmer Cup standings are final

No Boise State players on this list. Hawaii led the way for the Mountain West. And the conference got fourth overall.

The school up north is on the standings. Funnily enough, they are the only ones to accrue points for the entirety of the Sun Belt.

Bronco SOC posted an ‘X’s and O’s’ with Coach Jim Thomas


Cowboys announce their 2017 award winners

Seems kind of late, to me, to be releasing these, but whatever.


You can set a Kuku Klock to wake you up with a cockerel.