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Troy Anagram Roster

NCAA Football: Troy at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • Troy University = Your Tiny Strive
  • Troy, Alabama = A Mayoral Bat
  • Neal Brown = Neon Brawl

Offensive starters for Troy

  • WR: Damion Willis = In Idiom Walls
  • WR: Sidney Davis = Dead Ivy Sins
  • LT: Austin Stidham = As Humid Titans
  • LG: Kirck Kelley = Key Clerk Ilk
  • C: Deontae Crumitie = Reeducation Time
  • RG: Tristan Crowder = Err Now Distract
  • RT: J.L. Gaston = Jog Slant
  • TE: Sam Letton = Stat Lemon
  • WR: Deondre Douglas= Guarded Noodles
  • RB: B.J. Smith = [nope]
  • QB: Kaleb Barker = Bleak Barker

Defensive starters for Troy

  • DE: Jarvis Hayes = Is Heavy Jars
  • DT: Marcus Webb = We Scram Bub
  • DT: Trevon Sanders = Ravens Rodents
  • DE: Hunter Reese = Rerun Seethe
  • SLB: Tyler Murray = My Tarry Rule
  • MLB: Carlton Martial = Mr Tall Raincoat
  • WLB: Tron Folsom = Mr Soft Loon
  • CB: Terence Dunlap = Cleaned Punter
  • SS: Melvin Tyus = Litmus Envy
  • FS: Cedarius Rookard = Our Sad Rico Drake
  • CB: Marcus Jones = So Scram June

Special Teams

  • P: Tyler Sumpter = Pretty Lemurs
  • PK/K: Bratcher Underwood = Breached Round Wort
  • HOLD: Luke Whittemore = Wheel Mike Trout
  • PR: Traveon Samuel (Rookard and Jones already listed) = Run Meatloves
  • KR: Kyle Nixon (again, name was already listed) = Key Lox Inn
  • SNAP: Cameron Kaye = Any More Cake